Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LaserMax Internal Laser Sight Glock 26/27 (Gen 4)

Retail Price: $349.00
Our Price: $314.10

Product Description:
With the LaserMax LMS-1161-G4 guide rod laser sight for GLOCK 26/27 (Gen4), shifting to a guide rod laser does not necessarily mean making compromises on grips, convenience, or tactical lights. It also does not imply that you need to run to a gunsmith for installation. The LaserMax LMS-1161-G4 Guide Rod Laser Sight is a “tough guy”! It meets Military Specifications as well as Homeland Security durability test standards and has survived drops, extreme weather conditions, blowing sand, salt water, fog, deep water immersion, and 20,000+ rounds of extreme live fire in various tests.

The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Sight is highly desirable as it is perfect for targeting objects in motion and has a deliberate on/off activation suitable for self defense or tactical situations.

How It Works: The installation only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is to field-strip your gun to set up the LaserMax LMS-1161-G4 Guide Rod Laser sight, and you don’t need to take your pistol to a gunsmith! The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight can be used from dusk till dawn outdoors and round the clock indoors. The pulsating laser beam increases the visibility for the shooter and provides better awareness of muzzle direction. The Infra-Red versions come optimized for NVG characteristics.

You don’t need to re-zero your laser sight after a battery change. The Internal Guide Rod laser for GLOCK comes permanently aligned from the factory for center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards, it will never get knocked out of it alignment. The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight is positioned very close to the bore of the GLOCK which, ensures a consistent relationship between your point of aim and the point of impact over all shooting distances. This is particularly useful if you are aiming at moving targets. But how do you turn it on? LaserMax Internal Laser Sights comes with a custom take-down lever which has close similarity with the factory GLOCK take-down lever. A convenient on-off switch allows for easy activation.

Model Fits:

Gen4 GLOCK 26

Gen4 GLOCK 27

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